Matsumoto, Tobira Onsen Myojinkan, near Matsumoto Castle
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Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto Castle (Matsmotojo) – The national treasure
Matsumoto Castle was originally built in 1504, though at that time it was a much smaller fort known as Fukashi Castle.
In later years it took on its current name, and received significant extensions.
During the Meiji Restoration the castle was in danger of demolition, but the local neighborhood worked hard to preserve it.

Kamikochi offers one of the most beautiful scenery of the Japanese Alps. It is a long plateau in the Azusa River Valley.
Regulations are strict to preserve the nature, animals and insects living there.
The place also has a visiting period and it is closed in winter season.

Plateau Utsukushigahara (Utsukushigahara Kogen)
Utsukushigahara Kogen is a beautiful plateau which lies on the eastern edge of Matsumoto City.
Magnificent views of Mt. Fuji and other beautiful Japanese scenery can be experienced on a clear day.

Daio Wasabi (Japanese horseradish) Farm
The largest wasabi farm in Japan, Daio Wasabi is located in Azumino and is serviced by 120,000 tons of water every day. With around 1.2 million visitors every year, it is a popular tourist destination.
The farm is also famous for it's wasabi-flavored ice cream and croquettes.

Kiso-ji (preserved old town)
This road was a part of Nakasen-do, one of the five major roads that lead to Edo in days gone by. There were 11 posting stations along this road, such as Tsumago-juku and Magome-juku.
With it's traditional-style buildings, Kiso Road has managed to retain much of the charm and atmosphere of the Edo period.

There are also many nearby museums and resource centers dedicated to the history of this area.


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Posted: 15 Mar 2011
I would like to return when the entire forest turns red in October. A nice hotel here.

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